The most popular type of imported walnut saplings sold in the last 5 years in our country is the type of walnut saplings. You can buy 1st grade open rooted and tubular Chandler walnut seedlings from Öz Yaşam Nursery.
Chandler is a variant of walnut sapling, which is not affected by late spring frosts because it blooms late compared to native varieties.
The Chandler tree changes to the region from winter to winter, usually in November. In the early winter frost that occurs in the region you planted in early November, shoots that the walnut tree made that year may hurt.
In other words, early autumn frosts can only damage those young young shoots, not the entire chandler tree. This can also affect the efficiency of the next year in the negative direction.
This early frost is common to our country in the region above 1100 meters altitude. However, some of our special areas in our country are available at 1200 m altitude, temperate or at altitude of 900 meters, with hard fall alive.

Chandler Walnut Saplings Fruit Features;

  • Chandler walnut variety is the most important commercial walnut variety of USA.
  • Thin crusted, less rough, oval shaped.
  • It is easy to remove from the crust and is suitable for consumption as dry and fresh walnuts.
  • The yield in the buds is 85-90% and it is a very productive variety.
  • For Chandler walnuts, the whiteness is 90-100%, and the whole thing comes out.
  • Chandler walnut fruit 10-13 gr, fruit inside weight 6.5 gr, internal ratio 52-55%.

Chandler Walnut Nursery Tree Features;

  • As the ends give fruit to the branches, the fruit ratio is very high in the side branches.
  • Chandler walnut tree needs 700 hours to cool down. In other words, our tree should pass 700 hours (30 days) under +7.5 degrees in winter. This issue should be taken into consideration in the coastal coasts of Antalya, which are very temperate zones of our country.
  • Grow in the middle.
  • It develops semi-steeply. 4x8 and 5x7 intervals are suitable for planting.
  • Chandler walnut is a disease-resistant variety.
  • It should be planted with the duster. The right duster is Franguate.
  • It is harvested to mid-September.


Chandler Walnut Saplings-1
Chandler Walnut Saplings-2
Chandler Walnut Saplings-3
Chandler Walnut Saplings-4